How I Sell My Used Clothes on Poshmark

fashion-legs-notebook-working_halfThe whole purpose of this blog is to explain how I sell my used (and sometimes still new) clothes online and how you can do the same thing to make extra money.

Do you have any clothes, shoes or accessories that you bought and never ended up wearing?  Clothes that no longer fit?  Clothes that you just don’t love anymore? If yes, then you can make some money by selling them online.

I personally use the Poshmark app.  There are other apps and websites out there (or local thrift stores), but I have found Poshmark to be the best opportunity.

Why Poshmark?

Most of my local thrift stores will give me 40% of the sale price.  If the item that I dropped off doesn’t sell in a certain number of weeks, then they either throw it out or donate it.

Compare this with Poshmark… You get to keep 80% of the sale price, and you set the prices.  Sound better already?

You have a much larger audience because women are using Poshmark all over the United States.  Women of all ages and sizes with varying tastes in fashion and style.

Check out Poshmark’s own overview video below.

How do I get started?

Create your Poshmark account here and use code BJWMQ to get a $10 Poshmark credit.

Make sure that you also download the mobile app since that is the only way to list items for sale.

Check out Poshmark’s own guide to the selling platform and read through some of the tips in the official Guide to Poshmark.

Now, poke around in the app a little bit and be sure to check back in here often to get the newest advice for getting your clothes to sell.

And remember, if you ever have any questions, go ahead and ask in the comments.  If you’ve signed up for an account and downloaded the app, then you’re already well on your way to making sales and earning some money.  You’ve got this!

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