How do you cancel a Poshmark order?

cancel a poshmark orderSales are supposed to be final, but both buyers and sellers have opportunities to cancel a Poshmark order.

So when are we allowed to even cancel?

I’m a buyer and want to cancel my Poshmark order

Initially, you have a very short window where you can cancel a purchase.

Poshmark gave us this feature to deal with accidental purchases. Maybe you accidentally hit the Buy Now button while browsing.

Or maybe your kid got a hold of your phone and unknowingly bought 3 Chanel bags.  Oopsie!  (Ok, MY credit card probably would declined the second purchase anyways, but one can dream!)

Maybe you are even having some buyer’s remorse and have just changed your mind.  In that case, you can still take advantage of the cancellation window.

No matter the reason,  you have 3 hours to cancel the order after it has been placed.

For this reason, I think it’s a good idea to have the email address associated with your Poshmark account be one that is synced on your phone. Then you will see the email confirmation for an order that you weren’t expecting.

I’m a buyer and the seller hasn’t shipped my order yet

The second chance that you have to cancel your Poshmark order is if 7 days have passed and the buyer hasn’t shipped it yet.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend just cancelling the sale out of spite.  If you really wanted the item and it was a good price, try holding out a little longer.

Check in with the seller to keep reminding them that they still need to ship your package.

But if you no longer care, or were hoping to get the package before a certain event, then go ahead and cancel.  The seller probably didn’t care enough about making a sale if they couldn’t figure out how to get a package to the post office after a whole week.

Poshmark will actually cancel an order automatically after 21 days if it hasn’t shipped and neither you or the buyer have cancelled it.

How to cancel a Poshmark order yourself

To actually cancel the order, go to you Account Tab > My Purchases > “Select the Order” > Problems/Order Inquiry > Accidental Purchase.

One other requirement is that the order cannot be cancelled once it has shipped.  Usually, this won’t be a big issue. Honestly, how many sellers get an order, pack it up and then get it to the post office within 3 hours?! (I know some probably do and they are absolute rock stars!)

As soon as you see a shipping confirmation email, then the order is no longer eligible to be cancelled because the package has already been scanned and accepted by USPS.

As a note to sellers: If you do manage to get an order to the post office within 3 hours, make sure they scan it in while you are there.  Don’t just drop off the package and leave.  If the buyer cancels the order after you drop it off, but before it gets scanned, then it can cause a big hairy mess that you just don’t want to deal with.

I’m a seller and want to cancel my Poshmark sale

Did you list something on Poshmark and have a change of heart the second it sold?  Maybe you don’t want to get rid of that top after all?

You have way more freedom than the buyer to cancel a sale.  You can cancel any time, but Poshmark won’t like it if you do that too often.

It also doesn’t provide good customer service and you just end up making a customer angry or disappointed.  Would they want to buy from you again after that?

If you notice damage when you go to pack up a piece of clothing, speak to the buyer before just cancelling the sale.  Who knows?  They might be totally ok with it.

I’m a seller and the buyer is asking me to cancel

When the seller asks me to cancel a sale after the 3 hour window, I will generally allow it because I want to offer the best customer service.

I don’t want anyone to feel bad about buying something from me, so I would rather miss out on the sale and give my shoes or whatever to someone who really wants them.  Yes, buyers can rePosh their purchases, but I can just as easily create a new listing.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a feature to remove the Sold tag from a listing.  So it is necessary to create a brand new one and start from scratch.

How long does it take for the refund to process?

Once an order is cancelled, Poshmark immediately processes the refund.  It may take up to 2 days for it to credit back to your credit card though.

If you used Posh Credits or your Redeemable Balance, then those funds will actually be available to you immediately.

Do you have any funny accidental purchase stories? Share them in the comments! (I need a giggle)  🙂

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    • Kiersten says:

      I’m not exactly sure whether the app considers 7 days to be a full 168 hours or maybe midnight PST on the 7th day. If you still can’t cancel by tomorrow, then I would email poshmark support. They could have a bug in the app too.

  1. lauren g says:

    I canceled an order, and the package arrived! now Poshmark is asking me to return it or pay for it, and i’m not in town to return it. I have been selling and buying for a year!

    • Kiersten says:

      Oh no! That sounds like a big mistake on the seller’s part! I actually see several posts on Facebook groups from sellers who ship an order too quickly before the 3 hour window is up, the buyer cancels, but the post office doesn’t scan the package until afterwards. I would expect Poshmark to provide a return label in that situation and they’ll just have to wait until you get home. I tend to always ship the next day to avoid that happening.

  2. Emma says:

    Made a purchase, $456.49 but did not receive confirmation from Poshmark. Haven’t heard from the seller either. Now she has the item I purchased, advertised on another website for more money…Poshmark already charged my card. Why can’t I cancel my order?
    If the seller is allowed to scam a buyer, why should the buyer have to wait to cancel and for the money?
    Why doesn’t Poshmark have something in place to protect the consumer from shady sellers.

    • Kiersten says:

      Hey Emma, you can always cancel a purchase within the first 3 hours. After that, then you can cancel if the seller has not shipped it within 7 days. The wait kind of stinks, but it’s in place to protect both the buyer and the seller. Otherwise, the seller could ship an item just before it gets cancelled by the buyer (and that actually still happens if a seller ships out within the 3 hour window). Another route is to go through your credit card company and request a chargeback. A lot of major cards will approve those with no questions asked if you haven’t requested one before or do it rarely.

  3. Melissa Chaffin says:

    Somebody used my card to purchase something I need it canceled asap !!!! I need my money giving back please help

    • Kiersten says:

      Hey Melissa, you’ll need to call your credit card company right away and dispute the charges. They will probably go over several recent transactions so you will need to tell them which ones you made and which ones you didn’t. I hope they can take care of that quickly for you!

  4. Melody says:

    A buyer accepted my counteroffer on 5/3/17 at 3:07 pm (That’s when I received the email). I shipped this morning, 5/04, and then receive the email at 7:52 am stating the buyer canceled the order. That was well beyond the three hour window. What would be my next step?

    • Kiersten says:

      Oh wow! That is completely unfair to you. I would email Poshmark support right away. (Unfortunately, they might take a while to respond though) Had the post office already scanned the package? I wonder if they have changed the window or maybe it is a software bug that needs to be fixed, but that is super unfair. If the post office still has the package, you may be able to retrieve it back from them, so give them a call as well. Some locations are more accommodating than others.

  5. marie says:

    Do you know what happens if I accidentally cancel an order that is already complete? That “cancel an order” option is available even after the order has been shipped or completed, meaning that I received full funds. Will this mean that the funds will be released back to the buyer and I will be out the money and the item?

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