Upcoming Party Hosts

These closets have announced that they will be hosting parties on Poshmark!

You can always see the next 3 parties on Poshmark and the confirmed hosts for those parties. Anything further out than that is based on individual party announcements, so the accuracy of this list can’t be guaranteed.

Friday, 10/14

Night Out


Saturday, 10/15




Pretty, Flirty and Girly




Sunday, 10/16


Everything Kids



Weekend Wardrobe



Monday, 10/17


Statement Style Party






Wednesday, 10/19




Friday, 10/21


Saturday, 10/22


Sunday, 10/23





Monday, 10/24




Tuesday, 10/25



Friday, 10/28


Saturday, 10/29




Monday, 10/31


Friday, 11/4


Saturday, 11/5



Sunday, 11/6


Tuesday, 11/8


Know of any more party hosts coming up?! Comment below or tag me (@kayydev) on a party announcement on Poshmark.

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