Can I Delete a Comment on Poshmark?

poshmark delete commentEventually, someone will come along and comment on one of your Poshmark listings, and that comment will leave you wondering….can I delete that?

Technically, the answer is no… BUT….you CAN delete the listing as long as it is still active.  However, when you delete a listing, you will lose all of the likes on it.  That means it will no longer be in anyone’s likes list and you will be starting over from scratch.

Deleting a listing is definitely something to consider carefully, but sometimes it can be well worth it.

As a general rule of thumb:  No matter what anyone says on your listings, absolutely do not be rude back!  If you are working towards becoming a suggested user, or have already achieved that status, Poshmark will definitely want to see you interacting well in the community.  Plus, it’s way better customer service to be polite.

And remember that you can only delete your own listings.  If you comment on someone else’s Poshmark listing, you cannot delete your comment.  The only way to get rid of it is if the other user decides to delete their listing.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to delete sold listings yourself either.  You can email Poshmark to ask them to delete it for you, but they will probably only agree to do that if the listing was a non-compliant item or the comments contain harassment.

Here are some common scenarios of what might happen in the comments and how to deal with them.

Another seller advertises their own closet on your listing

You can choose whether or not to delete the listing.  I probably wouldn’t bother to delete the listing unless it didn’t have any likes yet.

Don’t respond to the comment as that will just validate the idea that the other seller can get attention by promoting in other closets.  Finally, block the user so they don’t continue that behavior in your closet.

Someone asks you to take a transaction to PayPal or Mercari

Taking transactions to another platform is against Poshmark rules.  Don’t do it, or you risk having your closet shut down.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sell anywhere else.  You can have your items listed in as many platforms as you want.  You just can’t drive traffic that generated on Poshmark away from it.

A lot of new users might not understand that it is inappropriate, so it could be helpful to point out that it is against Poshmark’s rules.

On the other hand, when someone knows they are breaking the rules, they might get defensive and fire back with something really mean or nasty.  For that reason, I usually just respond with something really simple, like “Sorry, but I’m only selling this on Poshmark.  Thanks for your interest!”

Don’t delete this listing.  Keep it around so Poshmark can see an example of your loyalty if they are ever evaluating your closet.

Someone just drops by to advertise Mercari (or another platform)

If they aren’t asking you a direct question and they don’t sound like they are actually interested in purchasing anything from you, just ignore this type of comment.  It’s not worth the risk of starting a fight over.  No need to delete your listing, but block the user.

It might sound harsh to block people for so many of these situations, but it will save you drama in the long run.  You aren’t significantly diminishing your prospective buyer pool (unless you go on a wild blocking spree) and it’s not rude when you are blocking defensively.

Someone comments that the item can be bought for a lower price somewhere else

Delete the listing!  Lose all your likes and start over.

Poshmark started out as a place to sell mostly used clothes.  Since that was the established culture, most buyers are expecting a deal on what they buy.  They aren’t thinking of it as the equivalent to walking into a boutique and paying full price for something.

Because of that, there are many buyers who will get upset when they find out that you are making a profit.  That IS the point of running a business, but not everyone is trying to turn their Poshmark closet into a real legitimate business.

And even if you are selling your own item at a loss, they will go buy it at the cheaper source anyways.

I think this type of comment on Poshmark is so tacky, but it’s happened to most sellers that I know at some point.

Someone is just rude for no reason at all

Report_UserI would typically just ignore this type of comment.  It’s generally not worth responding to, unless you want to say something like “Thanks for your opinion.  Have a nice day.”

But I will block the user to prevent them from making more rude comments.  Depending on the comment, you can also consider reporting the user’s closet for harassment.

A buyer asks you to trade

This kind of comment really isn’t a problem at all.  Plenty of Poshers trade and enjoy doing that.  If you are one of them, then great!

If you don’t do trades, these comments can get really annoying.  Especially when you have clearly stated that you don’t do trades.  But let’s be honest, how many people actually go looking through the other listings in your closet to find out what you do or don’t participate in?

Don’t get snarky about this kind of comment.  After all, someone has shown interest in what you have in your closet.  You should be flattered!

Since I don’t trade on Poshmark, my usual response is “Thank you so much for your interest!  Unfortunately, I don’t do trades, but I am definitely willing to consider offers made through the offer button.  Have a nice morning/afternoon/evening!”

Keep it classy

I’ll repeat this one more time.  Don’t respond to a negative comment with more negativity.  And when you are trying to help someone understand the rules, put some thought into your response so it truly sounds helpful and not demeaning.

I have seen so many wonderful Poshmark users try to be helpful and then get nasty responses back when the other person misunderstood and felt like they were being attacked.

For this reason, I tend to stick with leading by example.  I will always answer questions, but tend to not offer unwanted advice in most situations.

Have you run into any difficult situations through Poshmark comments?  How did you deal with them?  Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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  1. Celia says:

    I have a question on deleting a posting. I somehow (though i don’t remember doing it) posted a double listing. The original listing sold, but the double is still there and I absolutely cannot delete it.I know HOW to delete – but when I go on the edit page for this particular double posting, and scroll down to the bottom where the red “delete listing” button should be, it’s not there. I like to keep my closet clean and I just want it gone. Any suggestions?

    • Kiersten says:

      Oh that’s interesting! I haven’t heard of that happening before. I would reach out to Poshmark support at and ask them to remove the listing. It also may make them aware of a bug that is causing the issue. If the first response says they cannot delete the listing for you, try emailing support again to see if a different person will do it. I’ve heard of several people who were able to get listings removed from their closet, even when the listing was already sold.

    • Sana Qadeer says:

      The reason you don’t see the “delete listing” option is because you must have a sold item on that particular listing. If everything (all sizes) are still up for sale then it should be able to delete. Also, I’m not sure where the original writer is getting her info. You do not have to delete an entire listing to remove someone’s comment. Just right click on the little flag next to the comment and click “spam” it will remove the comment! You will not lose the likes this way and do not have to create a new listing.

  2. Nellie says:

    Hello! I came across your blog when I was trying to troubleshoot why I keep getting an error message when I’m trying to comment on a posting (on the app & on my desktop). It says that commenting is unavailable at this time check back later. This has been happening the last 2 days straight! Have you heard of this before? I’ve contacted support, but of course, it’s the weekend, and I want to shop! Haha!

    • Kiersten says:

      I’ve only heard of this happening in 2 different situations before. One time, the posher had been leaving a lot of comments in a short amount of time and the system blocked her from leaving additional comments for a while. The other time, it seemed like just a bug in the app that went away once it was updated. I hope Poshmark support is able to get a clear answer to you as to what’s going on!

      • A says:

        Hi, So I was wondering what your opinion is on sellers who buy out an item in a bunch of sizes on sale and then immediately repost at a higher price. I get that people often sell to make money, and selling at a price higher than another seller is obviously fine, but when you’ve clearly just bought an item on sale from the site and are reselling it at an inflated price, shouldn’t a seller be allowed to ask why this is so and negotiate a lower price without being considered ‘tacky’. I mean tits more than a little deceitful.

  3. Fran says:

    What I don’t get though is how someone can sell
    Preowned item say a bag and it’s same price as a brand new one. I also deleted my closet because after 2 yrs great ratings, sharing, being posh compliant I am still not a suggested user it just feels like high school. I will continue to buy as sometimes there are good deals but not selling anymore

    • Kiersten says:

      Some sellers set their prices high expecting to get offers for a lower price. They also might be selling something that is considered rare or has sold out and is still in high demand. Otherwise, if they aren’t offering a discount for something used, then I wouldn’t expect that seller to be making many sales.
      Yes, the suggested user program takes forever. Poshmark doesn’t just select closets anymore, they have to apply to become a suggested user and then it can take 4-6 months (or more!) to be approved. It’s gotten pretty crazy.
      There are sometimes good deals still! 🙂

  4. jessica says:

    Hi there,

    I have been poshmark-ing for now over six months, and have had a pretty decent experience thus far.

    Unfortunately, as of yesterday and today – not so much.

    I am wondering would you recommend I just delete poshmark? About a month ago, I sold some sneakers, and the buyer wasn’t happy with the item, so wanted a refund. Okay, no problem – not a big deal. The buyer wasn’t compliant with poshmark guidelines on returning the item within an X amount of days, so the funds were then released to me. Now, a month later, the buyer has been harassing me for the past two days, with posting crazy comments on over 20 of my listings, etc. I have blocked and reported but the user went ahead and created another account and is continuing the harassment (I even deleted the original listings on an item, reposted and buyer went ahead with his new account to harrass). I have a feeling this is just going to be an ongoing issue. I have sold a couple of other sneakers on poshmark, and received the 5-star rating, so this is all new to me. I don’t do well with this kind of bullying now. I was google searching to see if anyone has come across this kind of insanity, and came across your blog. I am still waiting for Poshmark to respond to me, but looks like it’s going to be a while.

    • Kiersten says:

      That really stinks!!
      I have been involved with a couple of Facebook groups for poshers for a few years now and occasionally see cases where somebody gets upset about something (or was unhinged in the first place) and really goes to town on the app. Sounds like you’ve unfortunately come across one of those.
      It’s absolutely not your problem that the buyer didn’t like the sneakers and didn’t do anything about it within 72 hours of the delivery. And it’s super unfair that you have to deal with the harassment.
      Screenshot any comments that she leaves and send them to Poshmark support if you haven’t already done that in your first message to them. (And yes, they can take a while to respond sometimes)
      Unfortunately, there may not be a whole lot they or you can do if she continues to create new accounts.

      Do you have a lot of followers already or have you been accepted as a suggested user? I would probably consider talking to Poshmark about closing that account and opening a new one with a very different closet name so she can’t find you. If you are a suggested user, then maybe Poshmark will let that status transfer over to the new account under these circumstances. (I haven’t ever seen that happen, but I figure it would be worth asking). If not, then it would only take another 3 months to apply as a suggested user with a new account.

      Good luck!!

  5. Jules says:

    Hi, So I’m brand new and wish I had read this before leaving some comments but now wonder the best way to handle it. There is a necklace I was looking for. It is available in several very similar but different styles from the company. These differences are in the chain being real or not so the prices vary from $35 to $185. 3 ppl have it for sale but they all have the rv varied from $95-185 however the pic they are using is of the $35 one. I realize now my comment could be misconstrued as me saying I can get it cheaper but really I’m trying to make sure by buying the necklace I’m getting the $185 version not paying $100 for one the designer sells for $35. Since the pics are all showing the same necklace idk if they are the actual one they are selling or not. I asked if they could link me to the version and asked to verify it was NOT the $35 one and included the link. I didn’t mean to upset anyone and am asking your advice on how I could ask that question and not insult anyone or devalue their listing. Thanks in advance.

    • Kiersten says:

      Hi Jules, That’s very kind of you to consider how to ask that question. I totally understand how it would be difficult to know which version those sellers all have without more information. And I actually wonder if the sellers are aware of the differences between the necklace styles in the first place.

      If the version is marked on the necklace somewhere (or the packaging), you could ask for a photo of that. You could also ask if the sellers know what the chain is made out of (but if they are all using the wrong picture, I’m not sure if they would know that accurately).

      Good luck and I hope at least one of those sellers is able to provide enough info!

      • Jules says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. A similar question to you as a seller. I understand making a profit and have and am willing to pay even over retail for a hard to find or oos item and good on the seller for utilizing supply and demand. However, do you personally think there is an obligation to the seller to list honest rv? I can see if you’re trying to make a profit how that might make it difficult but I can also see where some would find it dishonest to give a fictional rv.

        • Kiersten says:

          I don’t think it’s right for a seller to lie about the retail value. Sometimes it can be hard to know what the exact retail value was if I don’t have the tags or receipt, so I do estimate sometimes. For example, if I have an Eddie Bauer blouse and I know they usually sell for $35 based on taking a look at the current items on their website (just guessing here), then I would feel comfortable listing the rv as $35. But I would never feel ok with deliberately entering a huge difference. When I don’t know the rv (or I guess if I didn’t want to disclose it for some reason), then I would enter $0 instead of making something up.

  6. Jules says:

    Thanks. I agree with your assessment I was just wondering what the normal accepted practice was. I hope most sellers feel like you do!

    Thanks for all your help to someone new to this.

  7. Monika says:

    Hi – I am new to Poshmark and I have just a few items listed for sale. Another seller asked if I could trade one of my dress for one of hers which was listed for the price. I agreed and we both reduced our listing to $3 and made the purchased. I shipped mine out immediately and she received it and loved it with a 5 star ratings.I received hers 1 week later. My problem is that she listed the size as a XS and the dress is a XXS and does not fit and it was also dirty with deodorant stains all over. I have tried to contact her and she did not respond. Any advice on how to handle this? Much appreciate.

    • Kiersten says:

      If you did not accept the shipment in Poshmark, you could open a case against it and submit photos of the stains and the incorrect size. When purchases are for a small dollar amount, then usually Poshmark will just resolve it by refunding the buyer and still paying the seller (so Poshmark takes the loss). But in this case, there is probably enough evidence for them to side with you and do a return. That totally stinks when someone doesn’t send something in good condition!

  8. Laura says:

    Excellent advice! Love the golden rule, online and offline. Also, it seems that online, people can be overly sensitive ,so it definitely always pays to be chill 🙂

    Great positive, informal, & thorough post keep it up 😀

    Posh= @laurat651

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