An Open Letter to the Poshers who are concerned about Men’s and Kids’ items being listed on Poshmark

poshmark for men open letterDear lovely Poshers,

Many of us have recently found out that Poshmark quietly updated their FAQ’s.  They now state that women’s, men’s and kids’ apparel are all allowed on Poshmark’s marketplace.

And I’ve seen many Poshers very unhappy about that.

There are a number of concerns being expressed on several social media networks as well as in the Poshmark app itself.

And I would like to address a couple of them. Continue reading →

Poshmark for Men and Poshmark for Kids are now live!!

poshmark for men and kidsThe day is finally here!!!  Poshmark for men!  Poshmark for kids!

You know how Poshmark HQ has been taunting us for a year with the possibility of expanding to men’s and children’s clothing?  They kept dropping hints in interviews with various media companies and saying they were considering those features.  Well they finally went for it! Continue reading →

Resell Coach Purses for a Profit with Retail Arbitrage

how to resell coach purses for a profitCoach remains a strong, popular brand on Poshmark.  It is still considered luxury and desirable by many, but it is not so expensive that less than 1% of users could afford it.  And if you can sell it at a discount, then that makes it attainable to even more people.

But how can you sell a coach purse at a discount AND make a profit at the same time?

This is the concept of retail arbitrage.  Buy low – sell high.  That is what every business everywhere aims to do.

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