Poshmark: How to Bundle (and make bigger sales!)

poshmark how to bundle

Poshmark hasn’t always had a specific bundle feature, but the concept has been alive in the app almost since the very beginning.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a purchase of more than one item from a closet in a single transaction.  This saves the buyer money on shipping since only one shipping label is needed for multiple items.

We used to have to create bundles manually when a buyer asked for specific items in our closets.  We had to create a new listing detailing all the items together and hope that the buyer would actually follow through and buy it.

Now that Poshmark has a whole feature for bundling, the idea no longer causes so much stress for sellers.

A buyer can have multiple bundles saved in Poshmark, but they purchase from one closet at a time.

Offer a bundle discount

To sweeten the deal even more, sellers can offer discounts on bundled items.  You don’t have to, but if you decide to offer a discount on bundles, it will encourage buyers to purchase multiple items.

Back in the old days, we used to create an informational listing detailing our bundling policy and announcing our discount offer.  Now you can set the bundle discount in your seller settings and the information appears on every listing in your closet.

To set your bundle discount, go to My Seller Discount in the options menu.

bundle discount poshmark

In the My Seller Discount page, you can enable or disable the bundle discount and set up the options for how the discount is applied.  You can decide how many items need to be purchased before a discount applies.  And you can choose how much of a discount you want to give.

poshmark bundle discount settings

I have my minimum item quantity set at 2 because most of my sales are still single items.  If you frequently sell multiple items at once, then you may consider setting your limit higher.

My bundle discount is set to 10% because I usually price my items about 10% higher than I really want to sell them for.  That is to compensate for bundle discounts and offers.  The majority of my sales are made through the offer button, so I expect to sell things for lower than my list price.

I don’t like to go over 10% because Poshmark still applies their 20% fee to the final sale price.  Just think…if your bundle discount is set to 30%, then you are basically selling everything for 50% off your listing price when items are bundled together.

Don’t pre-bundle anything!

I’ve seen sellers put up one listing in their closet that is for 10 tank tops.  Sure, they might be all the same brand and size, but maybe I don’t want to buy all 10.  Maybe I just want 3 of them.  Or maybe just 1.

Keep every single thing you sell as an individual listing.

You can suggest items that will go well together, but avoid the temptation to actually pre-bundle them.  And make it clear that the suggested bundle item is really just a suggestion and not included in the listing.

You want your buyers to have as many options as possible so they will find something they actually want to buy.  Making too many decisions for the buyer might turn them off.  It’s easy enough for a buyer to leave a comment and ask for an individual item, but you do not want any obvious barriers to getting the buyer to click the Buy button.

It’s also not the best idea to list a bundle AND list the items in that bundle separately.  Back to the tank tops example…  What if someone comes along and buys a listing for a single tank top?  But then another buyer purchases the full bundle immediately after that?  Now, all of a sudden, two people have made a purchase, but you cannot fulfill both orders.  You will have to cancel one of the sales and Poshmark does not like when sellers do that.  Also, one of those buyers is going to be disappointed and may not want to ever purchase anything from you again.  The risk isn’t worth it.

Bundle notifications

You actually get a notification in your news feed every time someone adds your listing to a bundle.

Whoohoo!  Big money is on its way!  Right?

Actually, not quite.  🙁

The Share button is right above the Add to Bundle button.  So it’s super easy to accidentally hit the bundle button when you are just sharing.  Oops!

I’ve done it dozens of times and I know others have done it to my closet.  I generally just ignore those notifications unless someone actually adds multiple items to a bundle.

If it’s clear that a buyer was actually working on a bundle in my closet, but they didn’t buy it right away, then sometimes I will try to incentivize them a little bit.

One strategy to try is to drop the price of one of the items they added to the bundle.  Drop it by 10% of the lowest historical price and they will get a notification of the price drop.  This only works if the buyer has actually liked the listing though!

You could also comment on one of the listings and offer a special lower price for the bundle that is a bit lower than your advertised discount.  This will require that you create a new listing to offer the special price.  Also, I usually won’t do this unless a buyer specifically starts a conversation with me first.  I don’t want to come across as pushy.

How does shipping work?

You will still get one shipping label for the sale.  When you get the email from Poshmark with the shipping label attached, it will list the items included in the bundle.

Send everything in one package using the shipping label provided.

When packaging multiple items, wrap them individually in tissue paper if the fabrics or decorations can potentially harm other materials.

Are you a fan of Poshmark’s bundle feature?  Have you already made any bundled sales?  What sort of discounts do you offer on bundles?  Share your thought in the comments below!

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  1. Kenzie says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so helpful!! I have used Poshmark before but never had any success – I did the exact same thing that you mentioned about bundling items together prematurely! Now I understand why that never worked out for me.

    This is so great – I will definitely bookmark this page and return to it when I get my closet up and running again.

    • Kiersten says:

      It took me so long to start analyzing the way I saw things on Poshmark as a buyer and then apply that to the way I approached selling. But once I started connecting the dots, I started making sales again.

      What is your closet name? I’m hosting a party the Weekend Wardrobe party this Sunday and would love to consider something as a host pick. 🙂

  2. Brittney Campbell says:

    Hi Kiersten! Your blog is major helpful! I really do not know how I came across it but I am SO glad I did! Could you look critique my closet and give me some helpful feedback? My closet is @cbrittney10. I am trying to be more active in the Poshmark community. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Kiersten says:

      Hi Brittney,

      Thanks for stopping by at my blog! First, I want to start off with what is awesome about your closet. 🙂
      – Your listing photos are great – clear, well lit, and it’s easy to understand what you’re selling
      – Your closet is nicely organized with all of the sold listings at the bottom
      – You are clearly following Poshmark rules, which is a major plus for my suggestions below
      – Super cute listings (I realize this is subjective, but I noticed several pieces that I know tend to be popular)
      – You spelled “sequin” right in your Nine West heels listing!!! lol, it’s amazing how many people spell that one wrong on Poshmark

      So my suggestions for you are the following:
      1) Consider updating your listings to use longer titles. The more words you include, the more searches the listings will show up under. “White & Gray Maxi Dress” could maybe be expanded to something like “Strapless White & Grey Striped Cotton Maxi Dress”
      2) Since the publicly displayed share metrics only show how much you have shared other closets’ listings, I’m not sure how much you are sharing your own listings. Make sure that you share all of your available listings at least once a day.
      3) Grow your followers. When I first started, I followed over 100,000 closets to gain more followers. Then I ended up unfollowing most of them later on because my news feed was way too cluttered.
      4) Apply to become a suggested user and then your number of followers will grow with much less effort. You have already met all of the requirements for becoming a suggested user, so now you just need to ask for it. I’ve explained on this page how to do that. It can take several months for Poshmark to approve suggested user applications, but it’s super easy to do and totally worth it.

      You’re already doing super great! Sales on Poshmark can vary a lot, so stick with it and I’m positive that you’ll continue to make sales.

      Also, I’m hosting the Weekend Wardrobe party this Sunday evening and will most definitely be giving you a host pick!

      • Brittney says:

        I definitely appreciate you taking the time out to do this!! God knows I needed these tips!! I love how thorough you are!! I am going to put this into use!! I am praying you have even greater sale success!! God bless you!!

    • Holly Mawhinney says:

      I purchased a bundle of 3 items and only received 2. Unfortunately I washed the 2 items I received and cannot return them to the seller. Poshmark will only issue a $10 credit (item purchased was $11 + shipping ) and seller refuses to ship missing item unless Poshmark provides her with another shipping label. Any ideas? I’m attempting to continue correspondence with both parties but not making much progress.

      • Kiersten says:

        I think that is unfortunate customer service on the part of the seller. If she made a mistake and did not send an item, she should just ship it out. Of course, since Poshmark is a unique platform and not everyone is professional about it, she doesn’t necessarily have to to do that unless Poshmark decides she needs to send the third item to release her funds.

        That sounds like sort of a strange solution from Poshmark to issue a partial refund, but if you get to take that refund and keep the 2 items, then maybe that is your best option.

  3. Trinh says:

    Great tips and it’s so nice of you to take the time to check Brittney’s closet. I do pre-bundle sometimes. I have kids shirt that would probably go for $5 alone so I bundle them. Otherwise I would be going to the post office for $2 (after fee). Do you have any advice for instance like this? What would be a better approach? My closet is @little_orchid if you need to take a look.

    My second question is, if you have two $5 items and someone bought them in a bundle, making it total $10. How would PM do the fee, is it $6 or just $3? Thank you in advance

    • Kiersten says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog! You make a good point that when lower priced items are bundled, it can be easier. I happen to go to the post office almost every day for my husband’s business, so dropping off a single Poshmark package isn’t a nuisance for me. But I totally get that it would be annoying to go all the way to the post office just for $2. I always like to give people options, but I think the way that you have done your bundles is totally fine. I actually really like you have turned some of them into complete outfits! I think that is much easier to do with children’s clothing too. I would keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

      Poshmark’s fee would be based on the total bundle price, so it would just be $3 when the bundle comes out to $10.

  4. Lovephr says:

    Hi Kiersten, Thanks for sharing all your insights! If you could take a moment to scan my account and give some feedback, I would deeply appreciate it. I feel like I’m diligently sharing my items and following poshers, but my items are not selling or gaining traction. Any help is much appreciated! Poshmark Account: https://poshmark.com/closet/lovephr?utm_campaign=referral_code%3DNXUFN&utm_content=feature%3Dsh_c%26campaign%3Dshare_content_user.default.004%26rfuid%3D577bdb0740b19e0e2b8fd78f&utm_source=em_sh_pub

  5. Lorraine says:

    I realized that an item from a bundle was damaged, contacted the buyer and contacted poshmark. Poshmark told me to delete the bundle (I just wanted to delete the one item and the seller was interested in buying the remaining items) and now I don’t know how to allow the buyer to buy the rest. I can’t edit since they’re considered sold/I cancelled the order. Help!

    • Kiersten says:

      Sorry for taking so long to respond to this! I’m hoping the situation is resolved by now, but what I would do is just create one new listing detailing the remaining items in the bundle that the buyer wanted. The new listing will be available for sale and the buyer won’t have to go through and bundle separate listings again. I hope it got sorted out!

  6. Gaylee says:

    I will not be accepting bundles after what I just found out. I had a customer purchase 5 items, one item she “felt” had a manufacturer defect, while I disagree as my daughter wore the item and we never noticed this, I decided rather than argue to offer to refund for that item and tell her not to send it back because I didn’t want to pay the shipping. Apparently Posh isn’t in favor of people negotiating a settlement which I do not understand. They told her she would have to ship the entire order back – that is a BAD deal for both buyer and seller. Why if she is thrilled with the other four items should she have to return them? Why should I have to get them back when the customer is happy and I have already paid a poshmark fee on them. The whole thing is screwy and makes absolutely no sense. I don’t want to have to fight the customer on one item, I’d rather works something out but they don’t give you a way to do that. I am shocked that they have not had enough issues with this to change it. It makes ZERO business sense (coming from someone who works for one of the top 10 companies in the world).

    • Kiersten says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m sorry that happened to you. Yes, that definitely doesn’t sound like the optimal way for Poshmark to have handled the situation. I haven’t had that happen before with a bundle but you make a good point that bundles can open up a degree of risk in cases like this.

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