Finding Poshmark brands that sell

finding poshmark brands that sellSo you have a Poshmark closet and have listed everything you own that you’re willing to part with for some extra cash.

Now you want to take your Poshmark closet to the next level and start buying inventory to resell to make even more money.

As I’ve covered in previous articles, some of the easiest ways to buy Poshmark inventory are to scout out thrift stores and discount stores.

But what should you buy that will actually sell?

It turns out that Poshmark actually gives us a lot of hints for what’s trending in their marketplace.

They have the data for what people are listing, what they are actually buying and what they are specifically searching for. Poshmark can then compile that data and then help promote the brands and styles that are mot likely to make them and the sellers more money.

The more money the sellers make, the more money Poshmark makes. So they definitely want to help us out.

Here are some of the places you can look for ideas:

Poshmark Morning Parties

The morning parties are brand-specific. Poshmark wouldn’t bother to focus on these brands if they weren’t desirable, so the brands features in the morning parties are likely to sell and be in demand.

Even if you don’t have anything to share to a morning party, take note of the brands featured. Then next time you are out shopping, if you see one of those brands then it might be a good piece of inventory. Of course, it has to be in good condition too (use common sense).

Poshmark Showrooms

poshmark showroomsPoshmark compiles listings into showrooms. These are similar to parties where all of the listings fit a certain style or brand.But they are different from parties because there is no host.

But they are different from parties because there is no host. Listings are automatically curated by Poshmark.

As a side note: this also means that you should share your listings often AND share them to parties. In one of the past trends reports, Kate said that’s how your listings get discovered and end up being included in relevant showroom.

Many of these brands are going to be obvious, but some could be somewhat surprising to you. Or you might discover new brands that you hadn’t heard of before.

Just like with the brands that you see being featured in morning parties, take note of the brands being featured in showrooms. You can just try to keep them in mind or actually make a list to take with you when you shop.

Monthly Poshmark Trend Reports

Kate always goes over trending brands in the monthly trend reports. The trend reports used to be posted on YouTube, but the last few have been done as Facebook Live streams.

The live streams are saved so you can still view them on Poshmark’s Facebook page if you didn’t make it live.

And if you don’t want to watch the whole video, then I recap all of the details in blog posts after each report. All of those posts can be foundĀ under the Trend Report category on this blog.

But Kate doesn’t just share popular brands and styles in these trend reports. She also covers very specific, actionable tips for improving your closet or making more sales.

Those trend reports are always full of golden nuggets of info!

Take a look at other closets

Go ahead and snoop around in closets that have sold a lot of listings. Filter by Sold items only and take a look at the brands they have sold.

They might be all over the place and some sellers only have unlabeled “boutique” items, but you may be able to spot some trends.

If you have a hard time finding power sellers, take a look at who is hosting the Poshmark parties. You can even view past parties and see the hosts for some of the upcoming parties, so there should be no shortage of options there.

That being said, not all party hosts will have sold a bazillion listings, but you’re likely to find some of those closets there.

What are some of your favorite brands to buy or sell on Poshmark? Are there any brands that you think are way too overexposed or overhyped on Poshmark? Let us know in the comments below.

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    This site has been of maximum help to me as a newbie (almost 3 moths selling). I just want to say “THANK YOU!”

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