Poshmark Sellers’ Fashion Trends Report – June 2016

Poshmark trend report for june 2016Get all the deets on Poshmark HQ’s newest trends report for March!  Trending brands, seasonal considerations and a big merchandising tip!

Here’s the video from Poshmark’s own YouTube channel.  Summary below.

Trending Brands

Kate called out Kendra Scott as this month’s featured brand that is growing in popularity on Poshmark.

Shoppers are loving the bold statement earrings and necklaces.

They also seem to be willing to pay a reasonable price for this brand, so don’t sell yourself short on your Kendra Scott listings!

Plenty of listings have recently sold for $50 or more with some going for over $100.

You most likely will get lowball offers because this brand is popular right now, but resist the urge for a quick sale and hold out to make the earnings this brand deserves.

Wedding Season

Wedding season is officially underway and that requires wedding attire.

This does not mean you can list your wedding dress on Poshmark and sell it for a few hundred dollars.  I did a search for wedding dresses and found a few active listings, but when I sorted by only sold listings, I couldn’t really find any in the most recent ones.

The key here is wedding guest attire.  There will be lots of brides this summer, yes.  But there are going to be a whole lot more guests searching for the perfect wedding-appropriate dress, shoes and accessories.

Wedding Season Brands

There are several brands that are great for targeting wedding guests.  If you have the following brands available in your closet, consider temporarily adding the “wedding guest” keyword to your title or description

  • Reformation, which Kate describe as a “vintage meets sexy vibe”
  • Free People & For Love and Lemons, for the boho lovers
  • Lilly Pulitzer, the classics, perfect for summer weddings

About half of the sold listings for Reformation are NWT and are doing well at higher price points.  If you have used Reformation pieces, make sure that your cover photos are really good since they will be competing with a lot of brand new items.

Despite the popularity, the majority of sold Free People listings are for under $50.  These listings will get a lot of likes though and may be a source of bringing traffic into your Poshmark closet.

For Love and Lemons, on the other hand, is commanding a much higher price.  A quick look through the sold listings will show you that the ultra-sexy pieces are selling right now.  The listings have a common theme of a lot of sheer fabric and cutouts.

Lilly Pulitzer is falling right in the middle compared to the above brands with most listings going for between $30-80.  Poshmark now has separate categories for the full-fledged Lilly Pulitzer brand and the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration.  So make sure you choose the right one.

Wedding Guest Dress Styles

  • maxi dresses, light and comfy for summer weddings without showing too much skin
  • off-the-shoulder dresses
  • crop top skirt sets, started trending last year and are still way in this year

Wedding Guest Accessories

  • Michael Kors crossbody bags
  • Rebecca Minkoff clutches
  • Steve Madden, for smaller budgets

Other data-based trends

Poshmark has been looking at the data and analyzing both search volume and sales to determine what the most popular trends are right now.

  • Ray-Ban sunglasses, the classic styles that everyone loves are updated each year, which keeps buyers interested
  • cutoff shorts, particularly with distressed denim
  • Birkenstock sandals

Kate’s merchandising tip of the month: Showrooms

In this trends report, Kate wanted to talk about showrooms and it sounds like they are a very powerful, but underutilized feature on Poshmark.

What are Poshmark showrooms?

As stated in the video, “A showroom is a collection of listings found in the shop tab.”  Showrooms can be based on brands, trends or a combination of both.  For example, there are showrooms for Manolo Blahnik Heels and Lace Dresses and well as more specific ones like Kate Spade Lemon Prints.

Showrooms are created based on what brands and styles are trending in searches and what people are buying on Poshmark.

So they are worth paying attention to because they basically provide a list of what buyers want right now.  If you are shopping for new items to list in your closet, then taking a look through the showrooms can give you an idea of what will be likely to sell.

How can I be featured in a showroom?

The listings in showrooms are dynamic, so they are curated automatically by special algorithms that Poshmark uses.

That said, it sounds like there are definitely ways to increase your chances of getting your listing into a showroom.

Pay attention to filling in the subcategory, colors and keywords in your listings.  The more information you provide, the more data Poshmark has to determine exactly what you are selling.  If they can match you up with a showroom, then your listing will show up there.

Kate also mentioned that you need to share your relevant listings to get them into the showroom.  The algorithms are based on “what’s happening now”, so stale listings that haven’t been shared for a while will be less likely to show up.

Having your listing included in one or more showrooms will increase the exposure of that listing and of your closet, so it can be a handy thing to give some attention to.

So now with all of this new information under your belt, go out and conquer!  Make sales!

Do you appreciate the trend reports that Poshmark does?  Do you ever learn anything new about trending brands or Kate’s merchandising tips?  Let me know in the comments!

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