Poshmark: Shop My Closet – How to Advertise

advertise your poshmark closetDo you have a closet full of gorgeous listings ready to sell and still find yourself thinking “gee, I wish more people would find me on Poshmark and shop my closet!”

I’ve found that almost anything has somebody out there willing to buy it. Heck, I even had a coworker buy a broken air vent cover from a thrift store simply because he wanted it for a practical joke and it was cheap. Who would have ever expected anyone to actually trade money for an old, broken air vent cover?!

So there is totally someone out there who wants what you have to sell. The challenge, then, is getting that right person to find your product listing.

So how do we spread the word?

Luckily, Poshmark’s platform makes this super easy for us. We have over a handful of avenues to say “hey! come shop my closet! it’s cute!” straight from the app.

Of course, easy doesn’t necessarily mean effective, but that’s where your creativity comes in to figure out how to stand out in a sea of other poshers who are also telling people to “come shop my closet”!

Sharing on Poshmark

Sharing right to the Poshmark feed and to the parties is still going to be the most effective thing to do. That’s because anyone who sees your listing already has their Poshmark account set up, they most likely already know how the process works and they are probably already interested in making a fashion-related purchase.

Share your closet more than others, but still spread the love occasionally.

Find the most optimal times to share for your closet and be as consistent as possible in sharing around those times each and every day.

Send To Friends

When you go to share a listing, Poshmark has a “Send To Friends” section that connects with Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email and gives you a way to copy the link for that specific listing.

If you know someone is looking for a specific item, this can be a useful feature, but otherwise, I wouldn’t directly spam people with links to things you’re selling.

I wouldn’t even know where to start. I don’t know what size my friends wear or what they may or may not be looking for (or what they can afford). And I’m not going to take a guess and send a size 4 leopard print circle skirt to a friend. I think doing so would be a very ineffective use of my time.


Poshmark creates a Rich Pin when you share a listing to Pinterest. That means that Pinterest recognizes certain pieces of data about the pin which helps it be more discoverable. The price and description are recognized by Pinterest and will be included with the pin.

Make a fashion board, or even boards for different styles. Find pins on Pinterest that you like and save to those boards while you grow some followers. Then sprinkle your Poshmark pins throughout the boards. This is where having a good cover photo (with good lighting) will be super helpful.

If you can’t easily tell what the image is, then pinners will scroll right on past it. But if the image is cute and eye-catching, then you just might get a buyer clicking through to your closet.

Don’t bother with hashtags in your pin’s description. Pinterest makes all of the text searchable anyways, so you just need a good description that people might be looking for.


When you share a listing to Poshmark, it creates a Link Preview. Interestingly enough, Facebook recognizes and displays the listing title and the size, but not the price. And Poshmark’s square images don’t always crop well into the rectangle that ends up being displayed on Facebook.

If you have a branded page for your closet, then this can be a really good place to share your listings outside of the actual Poshmark app.

It can be especially useful when you have new inventory to announce and show off.

Just keep in mind that the images will be cropped kind of funny if you share the listing directly from the Poshmark app. Instead, I would upload your photos to Facebook directly and manually copy and paste the link over so your post looks better.


Like the others, Twitter will also pull your cover photo from Poshmark and include it with your tweet.

The tweet is auto populated with what I think is silly text. It will say: I just discovered this while shopping on Poshmark: {listing name} Check it out!

Ask yourself….would YOU click through to the link if you saw that tweet? Unless the image was incredibly eye-catching, probably not.

Also, how easy is it for anyone to see or find that tweet? If you already have a crazy huge number of followers, then maybe you will have an easier time. But otherwise, you should use keywords and hashtags to your advantage here.

Edit the description to be something interesting and discoverable. Luckily, the url won’t count towards your tweet’s character count, so you have full freedom to craft some clever text.


I don’t personally use Tumblr, so I can’t speak towards best practices or understand the nuances of Poshmark’s connection with their platform. If you have a good strategy for using Tumblr to promote your Poshmark closet, then I would love to hear about it in the comments! 🙂


Of all the social media integrations, Poshmark pre-fills the least amount of data with Instagram. When you click from a listing to share it on Instagram, it grabs the cover photo and sends it over to your Instagram app to edit and post. You will need to add the description and any relevant hashtags. You will also need to include a link to the listing or a link to your closet in general in your Instagram profile.

If you find yourself editing your cover shot to make a good Instagram photo, then consider updating the actual cover shot itself. Your Poshmark cover shots should always be the best that you can make them.


The interesting thing about sharing your listings to Google+ is that the post title starts with the percentage savings on the listing’s brand.

However, I’m not sure this is going to be the best avenue for advertising fashion for sale. It is used less than the other social media platforms and doesn’t seem to be particularly popular among poshers. Facebook and Instagram seem to be the most widely used platforms for Poshmark users.

Don’t overdo it!

You definitely don’t have to share all of your listings to every single one of the platforms listed above.

Focus on the social media platforms that you are the most comfortable with and that you think are the most effective.

If something doesn’t seem to be bringing in any buyers, then don’t waste your time sharing to it. We only have so many hours in the day, so we need to be focused on income-producing activities (assuming that’s your goal).

Get out there and experiment and most of all, have fun!

Where do you most like to share your Poshmark listings? Drop a note in the comments below!

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